Secret Bullie 2020 Registration 11th Annual!

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We are on our 11th Year hosting Secret Bullie!

For those of you that are new here is the breakdown:

Secret Bullie is a version of Secret Santa for humans.. except instead of humans exchanging presents its bullies exchanging presents.  We decided to do this so long ago to bring the nostalgia of the holidays and to bring Bullie Nation closer together.  

  • Your First Step is to register.. which is this link.  We charge $12.00 to firm up your commitment and you are picking the type of box your bullie would like.  This $12.00 goes towards the shipping of your bullies secret bullie gift.  So you will not pay shipping when you buy your matches actual gift.  Registration ends 11/2 
  • Like the Secret Bullie page on facebook
  • We will email or pm your match up by 11/9 at that point you will familiarize yourself with your match!  But dont tell them they are your secret bullie!!!
  • Black Bullie Buy Day will be on 11/13 this is the big day where the majority of the gifts will be purchased. Your gift for your match up must be a minimum of $25.00, since $25.00 barely buys anything these days we add samples and other freebees.. You may also purchase additional items the same day to be put in your matches box.  We cannot add anything after the fact.    Gifts may be purchased up until Dec 2.  So we have time to send everyone their gifts in time for the opening day Dec 20. 
  • Secret Bullie Opening Day is Dec 20 you can open your presents anytime during the day but only post pictures at 3pm tagging Carolina Pantry and revealing who your match was by tagging them as well. 








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10 Reviews

  • Posted by Tiffany on 5th Nov 2019


    Great fun! All for a good cause!

    This is so much fun! I love receiving my box of goodies from a far away friend! Luna loves it also! She knows when she gets a gift, she gets so excited! And all of this goes back to a great cause!

  • Posted by Bizzie on 1st Nov 2019


    Secret Bullie 2019


  • Posted by Sammie Jo on 30th Oct 2019


    Secret Bullie

    This is so fun! I’ve been a good girl this year and I hope to get lots of good stuff!

  • Posted by Maggie Zayas on 16th Nov 2014



    Winston has participated in all the Secret Bullie Santa. It is so much fun & a great way to meet & make new friends.
    Thanks CPP for doing this for the bullies.

  • Posted by Amybeth Menendez on 21st Oct 2014


    Oh My Buwwie!!! Loves Secret Bullie!!

    Matilda looks forward to secret Bulliie every year!! This is our 4th year participating! thank you Ms Courney and Pet Nanny for making xmas special for our fur babies!!! Cant wait!!

  • Posted by Shana McCoy on 18th Oct 2014


    2014 Secret Bullie

    OH MY DOG! We participated last year and was such a blast that we will do it every year! Your babies (all breeds are welcome since most families have more than one breed, thank you Ms Corney) get the most amazing treats and toys! Plus, you gain so many new bullie friends! I can not express how much fun this event is to everyone involved. Carolina Pet Pantry ROCKS!

  • Posted by Karen on 13th Oct 2014


    Secret Bullie fun!!!!

    This is such fun....seeing all the bullies open their presents, who doesn't LOVE Christmas, bullies, toys and treats!!!

  • Posted by Unknown on 25th Sep 2014



    I have'nt received anything yet to review.

  • Posted by Barbara Forster on 24th Sep 2014


    Secrete bully

    I have two or three bulldogs at any given time, they all love Secrete bully! they can smell a box of goodies from Carolina pet pantry a mile away and cant wait to rip it open... our bulldogs are our kids we have just as much fun watching them opening packages!! Thank you Courtney and Carolina pet pantry for a great tradition for our holidays!!