Liposome Hemp Oil 1000 300mg Active CBD

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Key Product Features:

Water Soluble

Administered directly on food

Mixed with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Active Ingredient(s)

Organic full spectrum hemp extract including naturally occurring CBD

Inactive Ingredient(s)

Purified Water, Sunflower Lecithin, Vegetable Glycerin, Xanthum Gum, Gum Arabic, Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Potassium Sorbate

Bottle Potency Composition

Each dropper contains 33mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 10mg being Active CBD

Each bottle contains 1000mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, 300mg being Active CBD

About Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oil 1000 (for medium to large breed dogs)

Our Liposome Hemp Oil 1000 includes an Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extracted using a super critical CO2 extraction method. This product is perfect for medium to large breed dogs that require the use of food to take supplements. It has no known contraindications (won’t interfere with other medications) and no known negative side effects.

About Pet Releaf Professional:

Pet Releaf Professional Liposome Hemp Oil 1000 is an innovative technology that allows our Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to be administered directly on your pet’s food. Beyond convenient administration, it is 3x more bioavailable than our standard CBD hemp oils when administered on food, giving pet parents 3x more usage out of a single bottle. It is intended for those dogs and cats that need a higher potency product and requires the use of food to take supplements. 100% of our hemp is grown at the largest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States. We planted a specialized strain, PR-33, grown specifically with pets in mind. Since we use the entire plant (seeds and stalks), our Liposome Hemp Oil provides all the benefits of CBD while also providing a multitude of additional benefits provided by the terpenes and flavonoids.

Extra Information

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1 Reviews

  • Posted by Lori Olivieri on 15th Oct 2019


    Great hemp oil - you only use a few drops in their food!

    I love the Liposomes 1000 for three reasons:
    1. One bottle lasts my bulldog nearly 3 months. Because it's more potent you only need a small amount. We use 3 drops morning and evening.
    2. We tried other brands but he hated the taste. With the Liposomes formula it can be added to his food and is still absorbed into his system, unlike most other hemp oils which really need to sit on their gum tissue or in their mouth longer for the best absorption.
    3. It works better than any other brand or formula we have tried. We noticed the biggest difference in his anxiety after being on this for about a month.