Grizzly Salmon Oil 32oz

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Grizzly Salmon Oil contains extremely healthy long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids and natural anti-oxidants. Grizzly Salmon Oil is extracted from wild caught Alaskan Salmon, never farmed. Grizzly Pet Products owns and operates 3 processing plants in the state of Alaska and uses only clean naturally raised Salmon. Grizzly Salmon Oil is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids. EPA assists the body to supplement the skin and coat, and bolster the immune system. DHA assists the body to supplement the brain, eyes, pulmonary, cardio, and reproductive systems. Omega 3 is thought to help in the maintenance of the general health.


  • Daily supplement of EPA and DHA fatty acids
  • Spray directly onto dog's food
  • Derived from naturally raised wild Alaskan salmon
  • Retains nutritional property from processing to consumption
  • Supports healthy eyes, brain, pulmonary cardio, and reproductive systems

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil.


Omega 3 fatty acids 29%
Omega 6 fatty acids 3%

4 & 8 oz bottles per pump stroke:

  • 535 mg omega 3
  • 55 mg omega 6.
  • 185 mg EPA
  • 220 mg DHA

    16, 32, 64 oz bottles per pump stroke:
    • 935 mg omega 3
    • 95 mg omega 4
    • 320 mg EPA
    • 385 mg DHA

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