Green Coast Pet Lickable Actives Peanut Butter- PCR Hemp - 16oz

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Our Lickable Actives line of functional peanut butters provide the perfect and most delicious way to deliver your supplement.  Comes in a 16oz jar and can be up to a 1 month supply.

Our Lickable Actives- PCR Hemp contains only peanuts, PCR Hemp Extract. Each serving contains 5mg of PCR Hemp Extract. All of our hemp products are completely THC free.

This tasty formula is perfect at mealtime, in a stuffable toy, or just off of a spoon!


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER SERVING (1OZ): Hemp extract: 5mg (PCR Hemp Extract: Supports a normal inflammatory response, supporsts a calm and relaxed demeanor, supports a strong immune system, supports good neurological function)

Directions for Daily Use

  • 5-25 Lbs-  1/2 oz (1 tbls)
  • 25-50 Lbs- 1 oz (2 tbls)
  • 50-75 Lbs- 1 1/2 oz (3 tbls)
  • Over 75 Lbs- 2 oz (4 tbls)

Extra Information

1.00 LBS