Earth Animal Flea & Tick Spot-On For Large Dogs 40lbs & Up 3 Pack

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We are on the frontline of alternative thinking about flea & tick prevention. Naturally.  Our Spot-on will help deter and repel fleas and ticks without using any harmful chemicals.  It is an alternative to topical flea and tick repellant treatments made with synthetic chemicals and insecticides.  Spot-On is a natural blend of aromatic herbs and soothing peppermint oil and Cedarwood Oils.  It’s fresh, minty fragrance protects the skin from biting fleas and ticks.

Virginal Cedar Oil is derived from conifer trees (trees that bear cones and needle-like leaves) of the cypress family. It is known to be repellant to fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, but completely non-toxic to animals and people. It is also known for its antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It is also beneficial for the skin and coat.

Peppermint Oil is medicinal, stress relieving, insect repelling and has a natural minty scent.

Almond Oil is considered a valuable gift of nature, with its slightly nutty aroma that helps repel and protect from unwanted insects.

Worry free! No DEET, chemical insecticides, pesticides and safe for people, cats, dogs and the environment. Pleasant scent. Water Resistant.

3 tubes per box – 3 month supply

Active Ingredients:

  • Cedarwood Oil 5%
  • Peppermint Oil 4%
  • Inert Ingredients: Almond Oil 91%
  • Total Ingredients: 100%

Sizes Available:

  • Medium Dogs – 15-40 lbs
  • Large Dogs – 40 lbs
  • Do not use for puppies & kittens under 4 months.

How to use:

Snap the cap off the tip of the tube.  Lift or spread the fur between the shoulder blades of the dog until you can spot the skin.  Place the tube tip on the dog or cat’s skin area and apply.   Hold your dog or cat briefly, allowing the liquids to absorb.  Avoid bathing or swimming for 24 hours after application.  Apply once a month for continuous protection.  Our Herbal Spot-On is water resistant and will protect from the rain or swimming, but reapply after grooming.

Natures Protection Spot-On will protect your dog or cat from fleas but will not eliminate existing infestations.  Use our Spot-On in conjunction with our daily Herbal Powders and Herbal Drops.

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Lori O. on 28th Dec 2020


    It works - naturally

    I've been using Earth Animal products on Diesel for a few years because they work, naturally, without poisons. The proof is that I've never seen a flea or tick on him. It does stay oily for a few days. It smells like the peppermint oil that's in it. !00% effective as far as I've seen in 2 years of use.

  • Posted by Kim McCann on 1st Sep 2018


    Good Chemical Free Spot on Flea and Tick Product

    So far, this is working for us. I was using the TropiClean Shampoo and spray and it worked pretty good, but as the season progressed, the fleas outside seemed to be bothering our Ziggy. He is all white and I would look him over before he came in from doing his job(s) and could see one or two trying to hitch a ride. I immediately sprayed him with the TripiClean spray and that took care of the problem. It was an ongoing battle and so far, with the spot on, I haven't had to do any intervention. So far, flea free.